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Serial Chiller || Aug. 24, 2014

My sister and I went to Makati earlier.
We were a bit lost cause Glorietta became a whole new different place compared before when we were still living nearby. But nevertheless, I am glad I visited today. Ahh! The laidback vibe that place gives me brought back a lot of childhood memories.

Original plan was, we’ll go to Aura then BGC Strip and afterwards Glorietta. But since commuting is such a pain in the A, we skipped the Taguig part of our trip today, thinking that all the shops that I would like to visit is available in Makati (except American Eagle Outfitters tho.. boo huhu! 😔).

Well, since PHL weather nowadays is so bipolar, I just opt for a laidback/versatile getup. Plain white tee + black jeans + plaid buttondown + jelly sandals = comfort level 💯
And yes, finally! I found the perfect white shirt (for me). It has been so hard to find one that will compliment my build and most of the shops I visit carry vneck shirts only but I am not a fan ‘cause it doesn’t look good on me. So when I saw this boxy tee from Bench, it was a “match made in heaven” moment
with my body.

So this is me being giddy over the unexpected/ expected purchases I made today. Now I’m (a little bit) broke and swore to myself that I will not shop until November/ December.. hopefully.


serial chiller! ✌️


S T Y L E . I N S P I R A T I O N S

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